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The problems of coordination of law enforcement agencies on fighting the corruption. Taken as an example the Republicof Karelia and Tver Reg

The problems of coordination of law enforcement agencies on fighting the corruption. Taken as an example the Republicof Karelia and Tver Reg

Corruption is a complicated social and economic phenomenon that takes place at all stages of the history of a state. It can be found in all state-organized societies taking different forms. The process of arranging measures against corruption very often faced the questions that were really significant for Russia during the centuries. One of them has been and is the question of the role of the prosecutor's office in corruption crimes prevention.

According to the survey of non-government organization «Transparency International» in 2014 Russian Federation is ranked 136th out of 174 in the «Corruption Perception Index». Corruption influences our state badly. Firstly, it negatively influences international relations; it leads to the loss of popularity of russian markets for foreign investment. Secondly, it causes the loss of trust to the government with its citizens. For the Russian Federation the corruption in the state and local government has become the main obstacle for the political, economic and spiritual development of the society, a real threat to the national security of the country. We can see a legal nihilism among people in society, the loss of trust to the authorities, to the principles of legality and social justice.

The solution of the problem demands cooperation of the law enforcement agencies. So, the counselor of the General Prosecutor of the Russian Federation Alexander Mitsikov says in his article: «We can resist crimes as it is known, only with the consensus of all the institutions of the state and society. The consensus will ensure the necessary level of coordination.»[3]

The most topical problem is the matter of the expansion of the coordination concept subject in the sphere of fighting corruption. It was studied in the research of Denis Plugar, the senior lecturer of the Department of public prosecutor’s supervision of the Academy of the Prosecutor General of the Russian Federation. During the conference «Corruption prevention by prosecutorial supervision» in 2015 he noticed that, the subject of coordination can be expanded if all the cases of identification, detection and stopping the offenses of corruption will be included into it and not only the crimes that are prosecuted under criminal law.[4]

Fighting corruption as one of the system threat to the security of the Russian Federation suggests the complex system of activities on the part of the state. It can ensure the consensus, agreed efforts of all the authorities and organizations. First of all it will be achieved by effective cooperation of all the bodies of the anticorruption activities based on strong legality and organization.

According to the federal law № 273 «On Fighting corruption» special attention is paid to the using anticorruption measures, that includes prevention of corruption and prosecution of the people who commit corruption crimes. Under the law measures required to take are: designate responsibility for the prevention of bribery offences, adopt procedures for cooperating with authorities, implement procedures to ensure ethical business conduct, adopt a code of conduct for all employees, create policies for conflicts of interest, prevent the use of false documents.

The corruption offenses are detected not only by law enforcement bodies but also by supervisory institutions. So, including into the anticorruption coordination activity new participants with all legal rights and other bodies of financial, budget and other kind of control in particular Accounting Chamber, financial monitoring and others we will ensure an effective corruption crime prevention.

In the Republic of Karelia the anti-corruption department in the prosecutor’s office was established on 26th of February, 2008. Anti-corruption measures were discussed at the meeting of the coordination council on anti-corruption and economic crimes of the Head of Karelia on the 8th of April, 2008 [6].

According to statistics from the head of the anti-corruption department of the Karelian Prosecutor’s office Dmitri Egorov in 2015 the most corrupted branches are: use of state and municipal property, the enforcement of state and local government service, state and municipal procurement, provision of medical services. Six large scale crimes, which were committed by organized criminal groups, were detected. In total, 99 criminal cases, connected with corruption, were brought.

The prosecutor stated that the quality of legal analysis done by local prosecutors leaves much to be desired including also the search for corruption factors. Besides it doesn't fully meet the demands for the anti-corruption, anti- extremism, anti-terror activity. Single facts of criminal cases on bribery, extremism activity and also the decreasing number of registered corruption and terror crimes obviously don't show the level of legality in the spheres of economy.

Approximately at the same period of time similar measures were taken in Tver Region. Since February, 12, 2008 the control department in legislature on combating the corruption began to work at the Tver prosecutor’s office. [5]

In general the anticorruption activity of the constituent entities of Russia is held by the following of the standards provided by the Federal Law on Combating the corruption. According to the research of practical realization of anticorruption programs made by legal scholars, there is a firm tendency to forming the complex independent sphere of the state regional policy. [2] To illustrate it we introduce the experience of the Republic of Karelia and Tver Region, that can be considered as average: specialized bodies were formed, preventive actions were realized, methodical work on combating the corruption is done, the system of voluntary testing people who want to work in local government is introduced.

The coordination activity prognosis means special calculation of the possible level of corruption crimes and corruption in non-criminal offenses. It should be stated that law enforcement bodies of Russia have opportunities to fight the corruption effectively. The corruption crimes can get minimized if the consolidated efforts of all the law enforcement bodies are taken. This work will be done on the coordinated meeting of the chiefs of these bodies with the main role of the prosecutor [1]. Common level of corruption in the country remains high, but we should take into consideration that this negative phenomenon can't be won not for a day, not even for a year. Only long termed measures that are correctly organized and carried out within the unified state anti¬corruption policy will bring success.

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Annotation: In this article the author explores the problem of corruption in the Russian Federation, process of realization of anti-corruption measures in the Republic of Karelia and Tver region, the role of the prosecutor’s office in fighting corruption in the country.
Key words: corruption, anti-corruption measures, prosecutor’s office.

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The problems of coordination of law enforcement agencies on fighting the corruption. Taken as an example the Republicof Karelia and Tver Reg

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