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The problem of open government in modern Russia

The problem of open government in modern Russia

Open government is viewed in the research as a system of interaction of the expert community, the civil society, the government and the business community with the goal to address various issues and to represent various points of view for their solution.

The Goals of Open government are:
- to improve the quality of decisions and their practical implementation;
- to increase public confidence in the activities of government institution by a free access to public information;
- to involve civil society institutions in the decision-making process and provide control over the quality of their work.

The Concept of Open government which is realized in Russia is within the framework of the theory of active political functioning, public and deliberative democracy by J. Habermas. Deliberative democracy in Habermas concept is not just the power of people. It is a definite possibility of «non-partisan» formation and the selection of high- quality decisions indentified in the communication sphere of discursive communication of citizens, an exchange of views for mutual enrichment and mutual verifying of their positions.

The development of the sector of civil participation in Russia has gone through several stages:
1. Russian Non-government Organizations.
2. Sponsorship of Russian non-profit sector.
3. The growing influence of the state on the development of social activism in the country.
4. Grassroots protest forms of civil engagement.

Today civil participation, manifested mainly in public associations, is only possible at the intersection of the fields of activity of key stakeholders such as government, business and citizens.

Thus, it is clear that civil participation has some problem areas for its implementation. This, in effect, leads to two mutually exclusive consequences resulting from the interaction of many groups of actors in a limited field. In this case we can see that one of the key principles of deliberative democracy is violated.

S. V. Gavrusev

The problem of open government in modern Russia

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