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Sport volunteers

Sport volunteers

The aim of the report is to clarify who the volunteers are and how to become a volunteer. Firstly, the report shows the definition of the term "volunteer". Moreover, the paper includes description of volunteers' qualities and the reasons for volunteering. Many qualities such as friendliness, sociability, confidence, responsibility and initiative are required.

The report shows some information and resources about the 2014 Sochi Olympic Games and works out three steps how to become a volunteer. These steps include registration and taking special tests. For example, the "verbal test" assesses the ability to understand instructions and follow them and the "numerical test" assesses the ability to work with numerical information, schedules and timetables. The final stage is an interview. Everyone who passes the test takes part in this trial.

The results of the tests and interviews are summarized, published on the website of the volunteer movement ("Sochi Olympics") and sent by email to all participants in the competitive selection. The report also examines the issue: "What are the reasons for volunteering?". As a result, we have revealed, if you are a volunteer you can take part in historical events, find new friends, travel, help people, improve your English, get pleasure from teamwork, and see the Games from the inside.

During the preparation for the report, it has been revealed who the volunteers are what they do and how to become a volunteer. To explore this topic, resources such as the Internet and an additional literature have been used. To sum up, volunteers help people and get huge experience.

Ю. А. Смирнова, А. В. Павлова

Sport volunteers

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