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Sociolinguistic competence construction in the course of english classes (The Moscow State Academy of Physical Education)

Sociolinguistic competence construction in the course of english classes (The Moscow State Academy of Physical Education)

The primary tendency of the modern higher education is to increase its intellectual and professional aspects. One of the necessary elements of the language education currently is complying with labor market demands, reinforcement of its connection with real life situations, purpose and content definitions. Having a good command of the language is a necessary want under the intense professional competition.

Obviously, experienced language teachers know that individual learners have distinct sets of personality characteristics which determine their talents, abilities and preference in language learning: some learners are quick, some are thoughtful some love to work independently, others require explanations, guidance and constant attention from the teacher. Spoken communication being our goal is a part of something broader – social interaction. As such, language must be seen as being governed not only by linguistic rules (grammar, phonology,etc) but also by sociolinguistic rules (setting, topic,relationship between speakers,etc.), which determine the effectiveness, appropriateness and perceived meaning of any chunk of language. These two dimensions are inseparable and the language forms are seen as successfully conveying a particular meaning only if the language is linguistically and sociolinguistically correct. The articles we have studied discuss and lay stress on the most effective teaching methods. Among those we are pointing the ones which are aimed to generate significant language production within the suggested methods:

1.Reproductive method (role-plays)
Reproductive method is based on recalling and reproducing language material through extended exercise drilling. We must take into account the preparatory phase to enable students to get ready for the role play. Needless to say, that the texts, dialogs and exercises have to correlate with the language level of the students. All the exercises are supposed to have tasks encouraging communication. (e.g. –Agree or disagree...‖, ―Express your point of view ...‖, ―Explain to your friend...‖,‖Ask for or give directions to...‖). Role plays take an opportunity of including performances in learning process. This method encourages cooperation and sharing of the ideas and skills within the group. The emotions included in the role play reinforce the memory for words and expressions.

2.Perceptional method (video situations)
Perceptional method is a method of the sensual perception of the language material. Video situations method is one of them. In introducing English movie appreciation in teaching English, the selection of appropriate movies can help to promote students' listening and spoken ability and enhance their cross-cultural awareness. The system of role plays is a valuable approach because it is very motivating and integrates all the language skills. It encourages the students to work independently and together and involves genuine communication. It takes language learning out of the classroom into the real world. Memory training, language switching as well as speech rate and vocabulary training all of them take place while working with a video. That kind of approach incorporates teaching and educative functions which become obvious as soon as the visual images are on. Information presented as visuals is easily understood and mastered in a short time period (keeping in mind the limited amount of study hours at the Academy of Physical Education).

English video situations are increasingly emphasized by experts in English teaching as they provide students with abundant true-to-life audiovisual materials and cultural resources.
While selecting material for the role play or video situation a few requirements should be taken into consideration. Here are some of them. The language material is supposed to:
• motivate through imitation of the future professional and purposeful situations,
• promote students' listening and spoken ability,
• enhance their cross-cultural awareness,
• be linguistically comprehensible,
• be cognitive and creative,
• have emotional value.

The fast development of multimedia network technique has opened up a new field for multimedia assisted English teaching. Role play and video situations make the teaching system more reasonable and effective. It provides an opportunity for the students to go through the stage of activities that will make the student aware of some sociolinguistic features of successful communication. Based on this opinion, we long for doing more research of multimedia assisting English instruction, teaching design and the application of modern educational information technology.

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Sociolinguistic competence construction in the course of english classes (The Moscow State Academy of Physical Education)

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