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Phenomenon of Sochi 2014

Phenomenon of Sochi 2014

Russian State University of Physical Education, Sport, Youth and Tourism, Russia Object of research are some problem and technological situations at building and project realization «the Olympic Games of Sochi-2014». Object of research: the reasons of occurrence of difficulties of ecological character at building of traffic intersections and objects of the project "Sochi-2014" and possible ways of their permission.

Research objective: to reveal features of preparation and project realization «Sochi – 2014» in a direction of ecology, transport and building of sports objects. Research hypothesis: having studied existing problems of building of the Olympic objects of Sochi-2014, it is possible to make representation about real position of preparation and project realization.

Research problems:
1. To define features of an ecological condition of the Olympic building in the territory recognized as UNESCO by object of the world heritage.
2. To reveal a condition and prospects of building of traffic intersections according to the Olympic Charter.

Theoretical basis of research were the basic requirements of carrying out of competitions of winter Olympic games; the analysis of engineering specifications of building of the Olympic objects, available in an easy approach; interview to the director of department «Intellectual transport systems».

Methods of scientific research:
1. Studying of the literature, documents, materials on electronic carriers;
2. Generalization and a concrete definition of the scientific data, official documents state and public organizations;
3. Interviewing.

Reliability of the received results is provided by methodological base of research, adequacy of the used methods to tasks in view, sufficient volume of experimental materials. For the first time to our country is entrusted to spend winter Olympic games of 2014. In the face of necessity to save the Olympic budget looks inadequate. The estimate Olimpiady-2014 and so surpasses average expenses on carrying out of winter Olympic games in Vancouver, Turin, Solt-Lake-City, Nagano or Lillehammere in 5-6 times. Placing of the basic objects of Olimpiady-2014 on the drained vodno-marshy grounds of Imeretinsky lowland in oozy, marshy грунтах, looks adventure.

The basic problem arising at building and realization of the project of the Olympic Games of Sochi 2014, the problem with environment is. The basic Olympic objects will be erected directly in a zone of the Caucasian biospheric reserve taken under protection by UNESCO, and the Sochi national park, especially reserved Pear ridge. «The Green Peace of Russia» right after announcements of results of voting in Guatemala has declared that from this point on the IOC on a level with the Russian government bears full damage liability to object of the World natural heritage of UNESCO «Western caucasus». Directly organizing committee «Sochi 2014» has spent a series of consultations of experts ЮНЕП (UNEP) concerning introduction of new ecological standards during preparation and carrying out of Games to Sochi.

Following the results of Organizing committee has joined the world campaign of the United Nations «to Fasten the agreement!» ( ̳Seal the Deal! ‘), the purpose which – to provide support in business of achievement of the global agreement on a climate change problem. Also within the limits of realization of the ecological concept Organizing committee "Sochi-2014" has held a seminar «the Olympic Games without a waste» in Uniform information center "Sochi-2014" in Moscow. The basic question on a level with environmental problems there is a question with transport system. In preparation and carrying out of the Olympic games the goods traffic will increase to 30-40 tons.

The volume of building of a sports Olympic infrastructure in Sochi has no analogs in contemporary history of Russia. By 2014 11 sports objects will be constructed. The basic actions of the Olympic games 2014 will pass in 25 km from city center Sochi. There the most important objects will be located: the main Olympic village, the Olympic stadium on which opening ceremonies and closings of games of the Olympic Games 2014, the main press center and hotels will be spent. Around a resort «the Red Glade» will pass competitions on mountain-skiing disciplines. The ground plan of objects assumes their very compact placing. Comfortable conditions for sportsmen and all visitors of the Olympic Games will be thus created.

The central stadium will draw attention of visitors of Sochi and the sizes: the arena becomes the highest building in the Olympic park. Participants of architectural section have supported the project of Ice arena for curling which was presented by the Austrian company «STAHLBAU PICHLER» GmbH. The ambiguous estimation of experts was caused by one more project «STAHLBAU PICHLER» GmbH – Small ice arena. This sports construction of collapsible type which will contain nearby 7 тыс spectators. The image of the frozen drop was put by architects of Open Company NPO "Mostovik′′ in a basis of the concept of the Big ice arena. It will take place on a small hill on which it is possible to pass on a wide flat ladder.

Above listed factors allow us to judge that with each new winter Olympic Games, the mankind leaves on new, higher coil of their development. There is possible a carrying out of winter Olympic games in a city with a subtropical climate. And despite arising problems with ecology of winter Olympic games, we find more and more productive and qualitative decisions, thanks to active work of the state and a society as a whole that helps in further and to the whole world. The city-organizer allows to develop creation of transport and new infrastructural knots and more widely to look at possibilities and requirements of a city, giving the chance to modernize all country as a whole, having adopted all aspects are necessary. Building and the further use of the Olympic objects, allows to develop idea of Olympic in the country.

O.S. Borodin, G.M. Polikarpova

Phenomenon of Sochi 2014

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