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On muscular force development by the method of magnetic stimulation

On muscular force development by the method of magnetic stimulation

The analysis of the literature available to the present time testifies to certain perspectivity of a technique of magnetic stimulation at the decision of problems of mass and professional sports. Regular researches on revealing of possibilities of application of the given technique in the decision of the most actual scientific problems of sports have been developed in 2006 by experts of Velikiye Luki state academy of physical training and sports. Results of these researches show that magnetic stimulation can be used for development of muscular force. On the basis of it the object is to study the influence of a technique of magnetic stimulation on development of muscular force was us.

Technique. 12 persons took part in the research. They were divided into 2 groups: Control (6 persons) and experimental (6 persons). An investigated muscle was the gastrocnemius shins. Research was carried out by means of magnetic stimulator Magstim, eight-channel electroneuromyograph and complex Biodex. Surveyed in control group did not carry out any special loading during the research. Examinees of experimental group were exposed to daily influence of the rhythmic magnetic stimulation put on gastrocnemius muscle within 10 days. In two groups prior to the beginning of trainings, and also for 5th and 10th day of application of rhythmic magnetic stimulation registered power characteristics and bioelectric activity gastrocnemius muscles maximum any reduction. Effect was defined by comparison of an initial indicator with the sizes fixed for 5 day and for 10 day.

Results of research. Experimental data testify to the following: in control group of authentic changes среднегрупповых values of the maximum force during research were not registered, in experimental group while using of rhythmic magnetic stimulation of the muscle the authentic gain of force of a muscle is found out. In 5 days of application of daily rhythmic magnetic stimulation gastrocnemius muscles of value of force increased on 3,9 % to an initial indicator, and in 10 days this index increased on 8,4 %.

Conclusion. The received results testify that magnetic stimulation can be perspective and additional means of power preparation of sportsmen.

The literature:
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On muscular force development by the method of magnetic stimulation

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