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Biological testing water

Biological testing water

Biotesting method gives a lot of information about the quality of water. These methods are mostly used for the control of clearing a polluted water.

Sulphanol is one of the main pollutants of water. It is a surface active substance.

We analyze three methods of biotesting water with sulphanol after plasma clearing.

The first method is based on the suppression of the growth of the seaweed. It was founded for the determination of the differences between the intensity of growing seaweed in an experimental solution and reference solution. If this difference is 50% and more the solution under investigation is toxic.

The second and the third methods were founded on the biotesting of Poecillia reticulate Peters (guppy) and daphnia magna in analyzed water. The death of 50% of test-objects in water with sulpanol during the time of our experiment is criterion of a toxic action of the solution.

These methods conform that water with sulphanol is toxic.

The experiments show that plasma method for clearing water is very effective. It diminishes the toxicity of the solution under investigation 4 times.

The theoretical calculation methods prove the results of biotesting methods.

Our experiments show that the biotesting of guppy gives the best results for the determination of toxicity of water.

Arhipova K.

Biological testing water

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