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Aspects of cheerleading development

Aspects of cheerleading development

Research problem:
Cheerleading appeared in the United States of America over a hundred years ago but as a sport it was developed by European countries and by Japan.
Cheerleading phenomenon, its historical and organizational aspects of development are discussed in the report.

It is supposed that cheerleading can be accepted by Sport Accord as a developing world-wide sport.
Purpose of research:
To study legal and social prerequisites for recognition of cheerleading as a member of the Olympic family.

Research problems:
1. On the basis of the analysis of the Olympic Charter to study the possibilities of cheerleading to join the Olympic movement.
2. To study social aspects of joining the Olympic movement by cheerleading.
Research methods:
1. Literary review.
2. Content-analysis of the Internet.
3. Interviewing of the Presidents of Cheerleading Federations.

Principal propositions for discussion:
1. The analysis of the legal base allows to state that cheerleading corresponds to all the requirements necessary for joining the Olympic movement:
• It has a long historical development (exists more 100years).
• It has a governing International federation (with more than 40 countries included and about 15 countries to be accepted in the next few years).
• Cheerleading is being developed in the countries of four continents.
• The International Cheerleading Federation organizes on a regular basis World, Continental and International competitions (World championships since 2001),
2. Restraining factors:
The International Olympic Committee decides under the 114 sessions, that only 28 kinds of sports can be in Summer Olympic Games.
 There is a tough competition among developing sports.

However there are also some advantages:
 Mass character of cheerleading.
 Accessible training environment.
 Attractiveness of cheerleading as it is.
 Huge popularity of cheerleading with the young generation throughout the world.

Saushkina T.V., Skarzhinskaja E.N.

Aspects of cheerleading development

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